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2 Bdrm big garden central STCZR 13

Santa Cruz La Laguna, 2 bedrooms for rent, central STCZR 13

The house is ideally located a pleasant five minute walk above the lake. It has two bedrooms upstairs, each with double bed and half bath. The main bath is downstairs. A rollaway bed is available for added versatility.
The TV does not receive broadcasts but may be used to access Netflix via the WiFi network. A laptop computer or other WiFi device may be connected using the HDMI cable provided. A Netflix account is also necessary. Alternatively, there is a DVD player attached, and DVD movies are available for loan or rent from the nearby Lost Iguana hotel.
There is a nice two bedroom house in the adjacent (separate) yard that may also be available for rent for a larger group.

The property is located in a cosmopolitan community made up of people from around the world, both itinerant residents and those that remain year round. Most have been living in the area for several years.
The Mayan village, Santa Cruz la Laguna, is a little further up the mountain and is made up almost exclusively of people of Mayan descent. They are the people who make it possible for foreigners to have a comfortable lifestyle here, providing services and performing work that would otherwise not be available. On the whole, they are a cheerful, friendly, unassuming and hard working people, though poor and generally badly educated. Many expats are contributing time and other resources to help improve their lot.




Property ID # STCZR 13


Note: Until confirmed rates and availability are subject to change without notice, higher rates may apply during Easter, Christmas, and New Year. Only rent paid in full previous arrival guarantee the reservation.

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